Screenwriters red rock entertainment review 5 ideas on how to become hell-productive

Writing is not just a profession, it is a calling. While one can be taught to trace out each letter and word painstakingly, there are no guarantees that these perfect words in copybook hand will go together and transform into a breathtaking story. Writing requires great talent, a lot of patience, lots of practice, and a hint of luck and inspiration to become a greatly-selling script. All writers have their own tricks on how to become hell-productive. Some do not go to sleep, others visit spiritual places, while most insist on writing whatever comes into your head here and now because the diamonds are born from the mud.

These tips do have the right to exist yet writing something not that good for many years will not put you high in the ranking of the best screenplays. So, instead of being just productive, become smartly hell-productive with the tips below.

See before you write

Remember that you are writing a script for a film-to-be. It is not a book, not a poem, not an article for a newspaper, it is a script. So before sitting down to write even the first word, visualise your story, your characters, their actual change and development. Think of the scenery, the mood, the ambience and put it into colours and shots. Visualisation frequently comes faster than a writer can put the words on the paper, so if you can imagine your upcoming script, you can omit the plot sketching phase.

Red Rock Entertainment reviews many scripts weekly, and the experts of this production company explain that it is vivid when a scriptwriter visualises the upcoming film rather than writing the words only. Taylor Sheridan, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter, goes on long car drives to suck in the scenery for his stories. Try finding your best way to boost imagination.

Write what you like

The tendency in the filmmaking world is to follow the talk and the sore points. In 2019, a screenwriter who does that could go for the LGBTQIA community members, the racial segregation, the underestimation of women, etc. While films of such nature to win the awards, if you as a screenwriter do not feel a thing about these topics, the script will be bad.

The goal is to write about something that interests you, that touches your soul, that is of importance. For example, Damien Chazelle, the director and scriptwriter for La La Land, wrote a story that fascinated him back in 2010. Yes, the film got released only in 2017, but when it was, it had such a great success that Damien Chazelle was called the “new king of the Hollywood musical.” So even if your story is not wanted or popular right now, do not despair, put it off for some time and get back to it in a year or so. The world and hence the interest of the community changing so sooner or later your script will get popular!

Consider changing the genre

Scriptwriting is a calling. This is something stated at the beginning of this article. So when you consider entering the profession, listen to your heart and to what the industry is telling you. Unfortunately, most scriptwriters do not listen to anything at all.

Today, it is the era of great TV shows. And the art of TV series has come to the next level to deliver the best entertainment ever for the audience. “Well, this is obviously the place to be,” — a thought of pretty much any beginning screenwriter. So this green writer gets down to writing horrible scripts for horrible TV shows for, let’s say, five years then gets desperate and leaves the profession. At the same time, while not working on the TV show scripts, this writer creates a single feature film script that gets accepted and filmed yet without much profit. In such a scenario, the screenwriter in question might be pursuing the wrong path. Maybe, the development of scripts for TV shows is just not their cup of tea while feature indies are what this person loves and can master.

This is exactly what you need to focus on as a screenwriter. If you do not know what you are capable of, try out several genres and carefully listen to each of their successes. This is the best way to find your own niche in the industry.

Stop dispersing attention

Very often screenwriters follow the leads of the famous writers, rewrite their work according to the standards dictated, and in the end kill their brilliant ideas without even showing them to the public. What is essential is to pay attention to the comment, undoubtedly, however, it is important to approach such advice carefully. Listen but do as your heart tells you. Do not try to disperse in all directions, follow the path you have chosen because only you know best what is right for your script.

Change the traditional narrative

And the final, yet not least crucial elements of being productive is to change the narration. Try to look at the plot you have from a different angle. For instance, let the villain be the narrator, let the hero screw up everything at some point, be unpredictable! These are unexpected plot turns that engage the viewers and make them want more from your work. So if you manage to create an intriguing story with great twists, there is a chance of production companies like Red Rock Entertainment to be interested in continuing the story development further, in sequels.

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