Red Rock Entertainment testimonials reported a documentary titled “Hollywood Bulldogs” about British stuntmen

The film was directed by Jon Spira and the full title of the film is “Hollywood Bulldogs: The Rise and Falls of the Great British Stuntman”. The picture will tell us about ordinary citizens who were gangsters, demobilized soldiers, former bandits, etc.

And they all went to Hollywood looking for a job, where they started their new career. They weren’t paid very much, but every day these people were doing extremely important and dangerous work that could have cost them their lives.

It was they who took the first step and turned the stuntman into a marketable profession in film production. The next generation of stuntmen became a worthy continuation of tradition and brought this specialty to a new level of prestige.

In the trailer, we were told that we would see behind the scenes the creation of such cult films as “Star Wars”, “Indiana Jones”, “Rambo”, “Alien”, “Superman”, “Indiana Jones”, “007”, etc.

They did the hard work of jumping out of burning buildings, shooting, chasing, and making their way into world cinema. Without them, there wouldn’t be these great movies. Many were understudies of the main actors of the iconic films. Now the creators of this documentary show us the most interesting first-person facts that were previously unknown.

For the history of cinema, this is a legendary event, because, for the first time, stuntmen will tell their story. Because of the complicated schedule, some people didn’t have time to start a family. Someone spent their whole lives on the road. It’s a different story, but it’s the same goal, and it brings all these people together.

It is not just a documentary but a tribute to the stuntmen and their hard work, without which modern cinema could not have become what it is today.

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